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pedro pacheco

Pedro has frequently been in the news, especially after his expeditions to Mt Everest in 1992 and 1994. At that time when he reached 8300m altitude, he became Portugal’s highest climber. An active mountaineer for more than 20 years, he has already climbed more than fifty 3000m mountains, including some of the most challenging alpine routes, such as the Bonatti spur in Agulha dos Drus (Aiguille de Dru).

In January 1992 he expanded his activities to the Andes, where he climbed the highest mountain of the American Continent (Aconcágua), almost 7000 meters high. After the Everest expedition, he ended the year at the top of Africa when he climbed Kilimanjaro (5896m). He returned to Kilimanjaro in 1994 with the Trilhos team.

Pedro’s moutaineering achievements, together with his numerous qualifications and the training courses he has completed in Portugal and abroad, allowed him to be invited to teach for two years at the University “Faculdade de Ciências do Desporto e Educação Física” (Faculty of Sport Science and Physical Education), being responsible for subjects related to leisure and outdoor sports.

All over Portugal, he has promoted outdoor recreation by offering new courses in rockclimbing. He is a pioneer in hydro-speeding and canyonning, and is also a recognised monitor of this activity in France.

Curriculum Vitae

rita pacheco

Rita has a degree in Physical Education, and dedicated herself to sport very early in life. She participated in many sports and physical activities, including gymnastics, trampolining, ballet, aquatic polo, handball and korfball!

Rita began her outdoor recreation career with an ascent of the Pico Island volcano (Azores) at the age of 7 and at 14 she reached the top of Mont Blanc, becoming the youngest Portuguese to climb the highest mountain of Europe.

In sport climbing, she has an enviable record. She always won the women’s competition in Portugal until 1997, when she abandoned competitions.

Rita takes advantage of the lower terrain for mountain biking, Speleology and river descents. Due to this experience, she was invited to teach in the university “Instituto Superior da Maia” for two school years, being responsible for therockclimbing option in mountain activity for the 4th year of the Physical Education degree (“Curso Superior de Educação Física”).

At the schools where she teaches, she looks promotes outdoor recreation groups, environmental groups, and rockclimbing groups