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about trilhos

"Trilhos" means "Tracks" in Portuguese.
A pioneer in Adventure Tourism since 1992, Trilhos fosters outdoor recreation and promotes respect for natural and human environments.
Working preferentially with small groups, our team always aims for participants to become our "friends in adventure". We offer delightful alternatives to the mass consumerism that characterises many current tourism enterprises.
Creating our own unique trips and training programmes, we try to share our passion for life outdoors through a variety of different activities, with the safety of many years of experience.
In this way, we have already successfully conducted many organized activities from small local explorations with secondary school students to climbing the highest mountains of the Pyrenees, European Alps, the Atlas mountains and Africa.
We usually work with established groups (minimum 5 persons) but we cater for individual participants by offering a set of pre-programmed activities.
Whatever your age or physical fitness, Trilhos has a programme for you: from a relaxing walk to the most adventurous and thrilling hydro-speed.
Our portfolio of activities includes: Mountain Walks & Family Walks, High Mountaineering, Rockclimbing, Canyonning, Hydro-speed, Speleology, Multi-Activity programmes, Rap Jumping and Ponting.
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services for corporate clients
To reach the most difficult places in the world, people have developed specific techniques that allow us to be 500 meters up a sheer cliff in total security. These same techniques can help you to resolve work-place difficulties in an economical and efficient way.
Outdoor training is not only a way to reduce stress and to relax, but also a way to improve the capacities of your team.
With our consulting and training services, you will be guaranteed that the training programme is efficient and safe. Nowadays, team work is even more important in business, as the ability to work collaboratively and solve new problems quickly can be crucial to corporate success.
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the trilhos team
The success of an enterprise such as Trilhos depends much on the people that are part of it. We have international credentials, and that makes us unique.
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photo gallery
See photographs from our Archive, divided into activity categories.

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