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about high mountaineering

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All those who do walks regularly and are fascinated by high mountains.


To teach basic concepts and technical progressions in snow and ice, rockclimbing, knots, ropes management, safety, rescue, etc.
The ultimate purpose is for clients to become autonomous climbers, through learning and practising skills in a progressive sequence.


High Mountain Instructor + Monitors with alpine experience.

the snows of kilimanjaro - 27 Nov to 12 Dec 2004

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Ascent and Safari

After 3 expeditions here we are again targeting the top of Africa. It's a complete trip between the equatorial jungle and the everlasting snows on the top.
You must be fit but the best preparation is to do regular walks in the previous 6 months. During the ascent we will have relaxing journey of 2 to 6 hours per day. The last day to the top will be more demanding but without major technical difficulties.
We will sleep in tents, since there are no refuges but the walking will be eased by carriers and cookers.


27 Nov
Trip to Nairobi (Kenya) in a regular flight.

28 Nov
Road trip to Tanzânia, over the Amboseli National Park and Meru Peak. Sleep in simple Hotel at Moshi.

29 Nov
Transfer in all terrain veicle till the start of the walk in the village of Nale Moru at an altitude of 1950 meters/6400 feet. After a crop area we will enter the tropical jungle. Camping at the start of the Savana at an altitude of 2600 meters/8500 feet (3 to 4 hours walk).

30 Nov
Long walk with magnificent views of our destinationand also the Mawenzi. Sleep at an altitude of 3600 meters/11800 feet at a valey (6 to 7 hours walk).

1 Dec
Steep walk on a grass area and afterwards on the plateau without vegetation till the base of Mawenzi. Sleep at an altitude of 4330 meters/14200 feet (3 to 4 hour walk).

2 Dec
Short walk till the "lunar" landscape of the Mawenzi side. Camping at an altitude of 4600 meters/15000 feet (2 to 3 hours walk).

3 Dec
Resting day to altitude aclimatization or climbing of the Mawenzi (5149 meters/16893 feet) only for the "confirmed" climbers and well adjusted to the altitude.

4 Dec
Crossing of the "saddle": between the Mawenzi and the Kibo (final part of Kilimanjaro). Sleep at an altitude of 4750 meters/15580 feet (3 to 4 hours walk).

5 Dec
Exit by 1:00 AM to climb the final access to the crater, dawn at the border of the crater at Gillman's Point (5685 meters/18652 feet). The ones in good shape may opt to do a 3 hour walk around the crater, passing by the famous Kilimanjaro glaciers and go to the top of the Uhuru Peak (5896 meters/19344 feet). Descent to the camp site or to the 2 Decenber site at 4600 meters/15000 feet (10 to 13 hours walk).

6 Dec
Descent by Marangu way. Sleep at the Horombo Huts 3720 meters/12205 feet (4 to 5 hours walk).

7 Dec
Descent till the National Park border at 1800 meters/5905 feet (5 to 6 hours walk). Car trip to Moshi. Sleep at simple Hotel.

8, 9 and 10 Dec
Safari in all terrain vehicles at the National Parks of Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and Taranjine. Sleep in tents on days 8 and 9. On day 10 sleep at Moshi in a simple Hotel.

11 Dec
Return to Kenya. Sleep in Nairobi. Simple hotel.

12 Dec
Return to Portugla in a regular flight.

NOTE: This is a draft program, that may be changed depending on the group, climate conditions, etc.

PRICE: Staff, technical material, tents and Trilhos logistics: 250 EUR. Other expenses to consider: Flighs, sleep, park fees, transfers, carriers, foot, photographic safari, etc. Aprox: 2500 EUR.

new programme from 2001

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Teide Canary (Spain)
8 Days

Although unfairly pushed into mass tourism, Tenerife Island has surprises for mountain lovers: The Teide, 3710 meters/12172 feet high, is the highest mountain in Spain, and in several natural parks on the island we can do beautiful walks, mountain bike trails, descend canyons ending in the sea, and climb volcanic towers.

Swiss Alps (Switzerland)
11 Days

In the heart of the most vast amphitheatre of the European mountains is Zermatt, surrounded by 21 peaks more than 4000 meters/13000 feet high. Carvino/Matherhorn is an almost perfect pyramid which attracts our attention because of its splendour and beauty. Carvino/Matherhorn can be explored (if the weather conditions allow it) by experienced climbers who are very fit and who have completed a careful programme of preparatory ascents.

new programme from 2000

Pena Ubina-Asturias (Spain)
8 Days

Ascent of Pena Ubina (2400 meters/7875 feet high) and other peaks of the massif.

new programme from 1997

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Atlas (Morocco)
8 Days

Ascents of 2 mountains 4000 meter/13000 feet high, including Toubkal (4165 meters/13665 feet), the highest mountain of North Africa. Snow camping.

Alpes (Espanha)
8 Days

Snow and ice school. Rescue practice for glacier travel. Ascents of 2 to 3 mountains, including Mont Blanc (4865 meters/15961 feet), the highest mountain of Europe.

Kilimanjaro 5695 meters/18684 feet (Kenya)
8 Days

8 days for the ascent of the highest mountain of Africa, organized for the 3rd time by Trilhos.

new programme from 1996

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Serra da Estrela
2+2 Days

Pratice and progression in snow and ice skills, using specialist equipment (ice-axe and crampons eventually). Accommodation in Manteigas

Serra de Gredos (Spain)
3 Days

Introduction to snow camping techniques, belaying skills. Ascent of Almanzor (2600 meters/8530 feet).

Pyrenees (Spain)
8 Days

Ascents of mountains 3000 meter/11000 feet high, including Aneto (3404 meters/11168 feet), the highest mountain of the Pyrenees. Accommodation in shelters and hotels.


Starting Level

1 Day - January - Snow (with option of ski the day before) - Manzaneda/Galacia, SpainEUR 25,00
2 Days - January - Snow techniques and overnight stay - Sanabria, SpainEUR 80,00

Intermediate Level

4 Days - High Montaineering - Asturias, SpainEUR 140,00

Prices include instructors and technical equipment (and high-montain tent for multi-day autonomy programs)
For more informations including complete program, total prices, please get in touch.


Unfortunatly is is not (yet) possible, even for tourism animation companies like Trilhos licensed by DGT (License nº66/3), to offer "tour packets". We are sorry that the prices of the several services are discriminated but we cannot charge the full amount and only the Trilhos service. The refered prices may be influenced by variations that, if they occur, we will make our best to inform our clients.

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