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Speleology is, above all, discovery. When the entire surface of the globe seems to be known, what a pleasure it is to discover a subterranean world!

Speleology is a sport which needs more than courage and strength. It needs prudence and every move must be calculated.

Our training programme allows you safe access to this fascinating underground world. An experience you won’t forget!

Weekend Programme (Serra de Sicó)

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8:00 Leave from Porto
9:30 Meeting point in Nó de Condeixa for participants from the South.
Morning: Exploration of a horizontal cave
Afternoon: Practive of rope use at the surface and exploration of a cave with a small rappel descent and ascent with jumars.


Exploration of two caves (vertical descents)
20:00 expected arrival at Nó de Condeixa
22:30 expected arrival at Oporto


Note 1: If there are people interested, we will organize an introduction to rockclimbing in the cliffs over-hanging the caves. Consult us for more information.
Note 2: We also organize one day activities. Consult us for more information.

Bring with you...

Clothes to get dirty (dungarees are ideal) and galoshes or footwear to get wet.


Camping or house/ hotel.


1 Day Program

starting at...EUR 42,50
1 Day - February 2006 - Vertical cave (75m deep)EUR 50,00

Prices include all technical and lighting material.

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