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We organize pre-planned programmes for groups of 5 to 40 participants, for programmes of 1 to 5 days.

1 day programme (15 to 40 participants)

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Orientation, rope descent (rappel), rockclimbing, Slide, Speleology.

Difficulty Level

Introductory - accessible to all.


Serra de Santa Justo (20 km from Oporto) or
Serra de Sicó (20 km from Pombal) our
Carrazeda de Ansiães (15 km from Douro River)
Note: We can organize these activities in other areas indicated by you


The group divides into several teams, each of which will go through a small obstacle course.
Throughout this course, the participants will find some rocky walls and a cave, which they should easily overcome by using the basic techniques of rockclimbing, rappelling and slide. It is not necessary for the whole team to take part.
While overcoming these obstacles, the teams will be supervised by specialist monitors, using the most modern safety techniques.
Our purpose is to promote a beneficial spirit of partnership and sociability between all the participants, in the natural environment, away from the cities we are used to every day. Competition: This programme was not designed for competitive purposes, but we can easily organize a programme of competitive “challenges".

5 day programme (5 to 10 participants)

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Hiking, Rockclimbing, Canyonning, Mountain Biking


Introductory, accessible to all.


Lamego, Natural Park of Alvão (Parque Natural do Alvão), Natural Park of Peneda-Gerês (Parque Natural de Peneda-Gerês).

Day 1 (Wednesday)

Introduction to rappelling and rockclimbing at Varosa River, near Lamego.

Day 2 (Thursday)

Transfer to the natural Park of Alvão (Parque Natural do Alvão), where we will descend part of the canyon of the Olo River (Rio Olo), near the spectacular Fisgas do Ermelo.

Day 3 (Friday)

Trip to Pitões das Júnias, a monastery we will visit on our way to Parada, a beautiful route to take by in mountain bike. We may also climb an (apparently) inaccessible cliff.

Day 4 (Saturday)

Mountain bike and walk to the Marinho Lagoon (Lagoa do Marinho). Descend into a canyon.

Day 5 (Sunday)

Walk and descent into a canyon.


1 Day - Instruction, technical equipment, insurance. Prices from...EUR 25,00

Note: Special prices for schools during the week.

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