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A child climbs a tree barefooted. They do it for the simple pleasure of climbing. It doesn’t matter why. It is exciting. Through this natural inclination to climb, the desire to challenge oneself on the most smooth, vertical rock is born. You would like to climb steep rock, too, but without the skills and techniques, it is much too dangerous and complex.
Our trips help you develop rockclimbing skills in stages from 1 to 5 days. You will be able to reach goals that you thought impossible, and then go on feeling the exciting sensation of the new you experienced the first time you climbed a tree.
In our training sessions, we especially focus on climbing routes that are not too difficult, but in a mountain environment far away from the ordinary over-equipped and over-visited tracks. We teach the concepts necessary for you to get used to protection techniques and natural safety features that are the basis of what is commonly called “clean climbing”.
Note: These are the usual programmes for an activity over an extended weekend. In case of groups of 6 or more participants, contact us to agree on other options.

1 day programme

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Technical training.
Low-dificullty rock climbing.


rock climbing


1 Day Program

starting from...EUR 45,00

Multi-Day Program

4 Days - April - Vias Ferratas - Aragon, SpainEUR 130,00
4 Days - October - Naranjo de Bulnes - Picos de Europa, SpainEUR 145,00

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